You can’t win ’em all

Indianapolis — Bulls and Chicago were upset by the Pacers Friday night.  Chicago trailed for most of the game and even with a big push in the fourth quarter they ran out of steam in overtime.  Not playing defense in the first half came back to bite them, they were putting up points but giving up even more.  “We have to do a lot better, this is a step backward, the only quarter we played defense was the fourth.  The overtime was the same thing.  You usually get what you deserve,”  said Coach Tom Thibodeau’s, when talking about his reaction to the performance of the team.

The Bulls and Coach Thibodeau have been known for their amazing defense and rebounding, that was not showing up for them against the Pacers.  Chicago gave up 62 points in the first half.  They allowed another 27 in the third, the Bulls finally got their groove back in the fourth when they held the Pacer to 13 and managed to get the game tied up.

Derrick Rose scored 19 of the 20 points made in the fourth.  With seconds left Rose missed a three-pointer but was fouled, setting him up with three highly stressful free throws.  Rose being the leading MVP candidate, made all three of his shots to tie the game up with seconds left.  The Pacers missed their one shot before the buzzer went off taking the game into overtime.

Overtime, was not a good time.  The Pacers came out and scored seven straight against Chicago.  The Bulls were held down by Indiana, Chicago only made 1 of their 11 shots in overtime, while the Pacers ended the game 115-108.

Chicago will try and hold onto their 1st place position going up against the Sacramento Kings Monday at 7 p.m. in Chicago on Comcast.  The Bulls lead the #2 Boston Celtics by one win.  Chicago is sitting with a record of 49-19 the last time a Bulls team hit 50 wins was our last Championship team.