With Urlacher Sidelined, Bears are Cubs

Always playing with reckless abandon, Chicago’s leader is out for the teams playoff push

Brian Urlacher is the heart and soul of the Bears’ championship-caliber defense.  He is sidelined for the next 2 games, which are must-wins. The Bears’ season is clearly at stake on Sunday when they travel to Minnesota. The Bears will have to deal with Adrian Peterson, the most elusive back in the game, who on turf is twice as good as he is on natural grass. Without the Bears’ defensive signal caller audibling at the line of scrimmage the Bears will be at a significant disadvantage dealing with someone who is averaging 6.2 YPC and 120.5 YPG this season.

The Bears have lost 3 of their last 4 games with Urlacher, so for them to be without his leadership heading into a crucial stretch suggests that the Bears downward trend may have turned from bad to worse.  Without a win on Sunday, next week at home against the Packers will mean next to nothing.

Chicago has averaged just 14.5 PPG over the last 4 games and the passing game has dropped to 181.3 TPG, which is second-to-last in the league.  This is particularly troublesome because the defense has been key to keeping the season afloat during this turbulent offense time. It seems that with Jennings in a sling, Urlacher dealing with his issues, and the team as a whole on the slide, they have to be feeling some sort of pressure to know that crunch time is now.

The positives going into this weekends game is that Minnesota is properly worse off than the Bears. While the Bears may rank 31st in the league with pass, the Vikings rank 32nd. Also the Vikings are beyond reeling as they have lost 4 out of 5 and 5 out of 7. The Vikings however have only 1 loss at home, and are far more effective which is clearly evident by Adrian Peterson who is a monster at home having more carries and more touchdowns. The Bears know for whom to game-plan, but execution is another thing.  If the Bears wonder for whom the bells toll, it tolls for them.