Winter Wet Lands

The middle, or what should be middle, of winter seems to have fallen upon this community once again. An odd occurrence lacking in precipitation as seen by all inhabitance of my native fishing village, Chicago. This winter grows cold, but not out of the ordinary, while leaving us untouched by the menacing fingers of Frosty and all of the other snowmen. A light dusting here or there will get the computer models and weatherman in a such a flustered frenzy while scrambling to rush to conclusions. Once again we are on the verge of a media precipice that, once again, might demand round the clock coverage. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is reporting, as of now, fifty degree weather and the apparent likelihood of showers. This sends yet another curve ball to the public. Chicago in the winter with fifty degree weather and storms brewing. I am in agony over the comedic genius that will come out of this storm surge, if any, hopefully to amounting in coverage that rivals the winter storm fiasco known as Draco, or the first legislator of ancient Greece.