Why I’m Going Back to the Blackberry

I spent a month with the new HTC Incredible with Android, and the experience has been far from incredible.

When I first got the Incredible, I thought it would be the phone that would actually switch me from my four and half year addiction to CrackBerry. But after using the Incredible for both work and play, I’m switching back to my BlackBerry.

I loved some of the Incredible’s features, like the amazing and simple integration with Google. As soon as I got the phone out of the box and turned it on, I was asked to enter my Gmail username and password my contacts, email and calendar just started syncing, something that takes at least 30 minutes to set up on the BlackBerry.

You also can’t forget the 8-megapixel camera and the ability to record video in High Definition, and even being able to broadcast live over with the internal video camera and microphone.

Even the integration with all the products that I use like, Google Maps, Google Voice, WordPress and all the applications offered on the market is unparallel to any other smart phone.

But, two things caused me to go back to the BlackBerry Bold.

First off and most importantly, the biggest problem with this phone is the Battery. The Android operating system and Snapdragon processer kills the stock 1300 mAh battery in less than four and half hours with normal usage. I even purchased the 2150 mAh $49 extended battery, which adds a thick back to the phone, but that only gets me through about seven hours, on a normal usage day.

I constantly had to carry the Incredible’s charger and still had dying batteries when I wasn’t somewhere where I was able to always charge the battery. Something I just couldn’t deal with, especially on a breaking news days.

But the one thing that sent me over the edge is the Android Froyo 2.2 operating system, which ships with the Incredible, is buggy, especially with the Gmail app. For instance, when I open the gmail app, I will be typing an email or scrolling through messages and the app will just force quit, causing me to lose my place or the important email I was working on.

But, this isn’t just the Gmail app, it happens to apps across the board on Froyo, like with the SMS app, Google Voice, Calendar and more. I just can’t use an operating system or a phone that has failures in it, and hasn’t been tested to the utmost specifications, and it causes the Incredible to fall short of the BlackBerry OS 6.0 or even BlackBerry OS 5.0.

Even though most people tell me I’m crazy, I choose to go back to the BlackBerry Bold 9650, because of, although old, stable operating system, superior battery life, and overall functionality.