White Sox Walk-It Off

The Southside strong haven’t had much to talk about this year, but Robin Ventura’s crew finally gave their fans something to stick around for. The White Sox were down to two outs in the ninth inning last night only to come storming back with some Go-Go Sox attitude. Alexei Ramirez got a nice hit  after an infield single by Tyler Flowers. Flowers advanced to third on the hit by Ramirez and De Aza doubled them both home. It was a beautiful thing to watch. Especially against the Yankees, who’ve had their struggles this year with all the injuries and now the A-Rod circus. This isn’t a good start for the Yankees with Rodriguez back in the lineup. Losing two out of three to the last place White Sox isn’t the way to inspire confidence in A-Rod’s return to save the day.

For Chicago, winning this series and being at the epicenter of the sports world for a few days seemed to be quite enough.  I give a tip of my hat to the fans who stuck it out to see the win occur so late in the game.  I saw the people cheering and Hawk screaming on TV and it was the purest form of baseball joy. The last of the dying breed are those fans who’ll go through twelve innings after falling behind and storming back multiple times. Those fans are truly the greatest in the world. Your team is 25 games out and in the twelfth inning you see a walk-off to take two of three from New York. That’s pretty awesome from anyone’s perspective. Chicago got to see its true diehards in the bleachers when De Aza sent ’em home.