Where’s the Beef? At Fatburgers!

CHICAGO — What’s better than a medium fatburger? How about a FREE medium fatburger?

In association with the new Fox series “Bob’s Burgers,” Fatburger is offering free burgers to customers today from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. There will be 3,000 burgers given out with a limit of one burger per person.

On “Bob’s Burgers,” which premieres Sunday, January 6, Bob makes this great, mouth-watering, juicy burger–with eggs on it. The egg addition, which is a southern recipe, has always been an extra on a fatburger. The masterpiece includes mayonnaise, mustard, relish, pickles, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, eggs and bacon. You may also notice a different taste of meat from these fresh, not frozen patties.

Although Fatburger has been in its Evergreen Park location for about a year and a half, many people still are not aware of the popular restaurant. Fatburger District Manager Trent Hollingsead hopes today’s event will get the word about this best kept secret.

“It’s a good promotion to bring in new customers,” Hollingsead said. “And it also gives everyone a chance to taste a fatburger.”

Fatburger transitioned into “Bob’s Burgers” in order to prepare for today’s offer. New signs are posted, new “Bob’s Burgers” uniforms for employees and even different menu inserts were added to promote the new show.

When the doors opened, there were about 35 people waiting to get there hands on a Fatburger at no cost. Many customers were first-timers at Fatburger.

“We didn’t even know [Fatburger] was here,” said Bill Janeteax.

Hector Moreno lives in the Midway area, but frequents the Evergreen Park Borders. He heard about the free burgers on the radio and decided to stop in.

“It’s a good opportunity to have people come in,” Moreno said. “Now I’ll think about having a burger here, after this.”

Drew Costello treats himself to a Fatburger every once in a while so he noticed the change in the sign. There was no question of whether he would take advantage of the offer or not.

“I like it. There’s not too much to it,” Costello says. “I’m going to come up here and eat it.”

If you miss today’s free event, you can still get a Bob’s Burger for a limited price of $5.49 until January 31st.