Weis Won’t Stay Till May

Chicago–Earlier today Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis announced that he will not extend his time as top cop, now that his contract has expired.   There was some speculation that Weis would remain in his position, at the request of Mayor Daley, however Weis decided that it is time to move over and move on.

“I firmly believe it would be selfish of me to continue in this position as I actively seek new career opportunities,” said Weis.  “Additionally, it is critical to have someone in place as soon as possible to prepare for the summer, our most challenging time of year.”

Weis and Daley met  Monday afternoon privately, to discuss the possibility of him remaining as superintendent until May, which is when Daley’s term as mayor will end. It was reported that Weis wanted the extension deal inked on paper, however Daley could not fulfill that wish alone; such an agreement would have had to be approved by the City Council first.

Mayor Daley expressed his gratitude for Weis and  for the time and effort he put in during his run.

“I would like to thank Jody Weis for his service to the people of Chicago over the past three years,” said Mayor Daley.  “He has been successful at both implementing new strategies in our fight against crime and assuring that the conduct of our police officers meets the highest standards so that our residents have confidence that the Police Department is protecting and serving them.”

Although Weis will no longer serve as the superintendent, he hopes to stay on the Chicago scene in some capacity.