We Like: A Well-Crafted Revolution

Revolution Brewery has cred.  It has been showered with many local “Best Of” recognitions. In 2012, the brewery was awarded the most gold medals among Chicago’s micro-brew community.  Revolution is also a recently-announced winner of the 2012 World Beer Cup.  Revolution is doing something right to generate such frothy buzz.  This is especially remarkable since Revolution only opened its Logan Square doors in February 2010.

Rev’s two gold Beer Cup medals were awarded in the American-Style Stout category for its Rise American Stout, and in the English-Style Summer Ale category for its Cross of Gold.

Cross of Gold is a light, crisp beer with a hit of hops at the end.  Perfect for the summer, we buy it by the growler to satisfy our friends over for a barbeque on our micro-patio.

Rev anticipates that we may not want to lug glass so it offers all of its beers in cans.  The cans are very arty and unique.  While cans can go where bottles sometimes can’t, they are also less expensive and more beer-friendly under exposure to light.

Rev’s two locations – brewery and brewpub – are comfortably designed with the same deep dark woods and whimsical light fixtures that convey extraordinary comfort.  We Like both locations.  We REALLY Like the 50 or so beers that are brewed each year and most especially the Anti-Hero IPA.  And of course We Like Rev’s committment to the highest possible quality of craft beer production.

Revolution gives tours at their main brewery at 3340 N. Kedzie on Saturdays.  The tours are free and start hourly from 4 p.m.to 6 p.m.  The Logan Square brewpub at 2323 N. Milwaukee gives a free tour at noon on Saturdays.  Neither location takes reservations but the brewery offers private group tours.  The Kedzie brewery will even set up private reservations for a group to tour with a sampling at the end.  Both offer space available to host a private party.