Wake Me When It’s May

The Blackhawks blew a three goal lead last night, lost to their arch rival the St. Louis Blues in front of the whole country, are currently in sixth place in the Central Division, don’t have their Conn Smythe Defenseman for the foreseeable future, and none of it matters. Patrick Kane just as of today saw his rape case not get picked up by the prosecutor because the key witness doesn’t want to proceed any further with the investigation, and while all this is going on the Blackhawks are just playing out their schedule until they get to the time of year that truly matters the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Blackhawks had a crazy offseason where they had to trade one of their best young wingers to the Blue Jackets because of cap constraints, then jettison another veteran and winner of three rings to the Stars in another cap saving move. No matter what the Hawks do though it doesn’t seem to matter because they just keep winning. Last night was an ugly loss because it could’ve been a blow out win, but after three championships in five season, does anyone think any team other than the Kings can defeat the Blackhawks in a seven game series in the spring. It’s certainly not the Blues, nor the Wild, they’ve had their chances in April and May and come up well short.

The Ducks gave the Hawks a good run in the Western Conference Finals last year but when push came to shove they couldn’t close the deal. Now the Ducks are one of the worst teams in the conference with just eight points in 12 games played. The 15 points the Hawks have despite being sixth in the Central division has them just one point out of the last wild card spot, and two points behind Winnipeg in their division. It’s so early in the season and the lines are still being mixed by Quenneville, we won’t know what this team really is until February when the lines are cohesive and the team has had ample time to gel.

The Hawks are far from what they’re going to be in the near future, they have a lot of new faces and the team still needs to figure out what the best combos are. The Blues are not real contenders and Ken Hitchcock has shown his teams never show up in the playoffs regardless of the regular season point total. The Hawks have a two time Stanley Cup winning goalie and the best player in the world at his position in Jonathan Toews. Last night was tough to bear but it meant nothing and the Blues are frauds.