Wacky Week in NFL

If ever there were an excuse for the NFL Follies show,  yesterdays wackiness was it.  The number of early games ending in white-knuckle excitement was almost too much to bear, and that’s without considering the gambling element.  My beloved Patriots nearly laid an egg against the hapless Browns, but were resuscitated after recovering a onside kick in the final minute. The Vikings-Ravens game was beyond insane as the final two-and-a-half minutes saw 35 points put up by both sides, in addition to a back-of-the-end-zone toe tap with four seconds left to seal the win for the Ravens.

The Steelers-Dolphins game was dominated by Antonio Brown’s huge day that went up in smoke when he was ruled out at the 13-yard line to end the game. The Eagles and Lions played in a monster snow storm that enabled a dozen or more fumbles.  When the storm tapered off, Lesean McCoy got hot and the Eagles scored 35 points while missing the only attempt at an extra point.  It seemed that no one was attempting extra points yesterday.  The Chiefs went crazy on special teams in a snowstorm in DC as Dexter McCluster and Quintin Demps combined for 300 yards and two touchdowns.

And this was all before 3:30.  Kind of hard to keep my attention after that.  How am I supposed to get excited for a 19-17 game in beautiful NorCal after the stormy games on the east coast. There was nothing that could top yesterday’s early kickoffs.  It was sheer madness.  I love football, but when the weather gets bad and the games start to get played in inclement weather, there’s nothing better.  Lambeau is reduced to a frozen tundra that is effectively playing on concrete.  To top off the craziness of the day, the Bears somehow retained a shot at the NFC North.