Viewer’s Choice: Bristol Beats Brandy!

Bristol beats Brandy…

Just about everyone around the world who watches Dancing With the Stars are still upset and talking about the elimination Tuesday night of America’s favorite dancing couple R&B singer Brandy Norwood and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The amazing dance couple lost against Bristol Palin and Partner Mark Ballas on ABC.  Brandy and Maksim successfully made it through five weeks of competing against other dancers.

Apparently  their score was high enough to top Bristol Palin’s and partner Mark Ballas’s, but the decision wasn’t just based on the judges, but more so of the viewers. With Brandy repeatedly scoring higher than Bristol the entire competition, so many fans were stunned and upset to see the R&B singer leave. They were sure Brandy was going to make the top three finalist.  Infuriated by Bristol’s victory, one of the fans went over board, damaging his television, by firing at it with a pistol.He was later charged with second –degree reckless endangerment.

Bristol Palin and Partner Mark Ballas had low scores and consistently fell in last place of the competition.  Tuesday night the couple received 53 out of 60 points to Brandy ‘s and Maksim’s 57 points from the judges of Dancing With The Stars, performing 2 dances, a Latin /Tango and Ballroom piece. The viewers’ choice approved Bristol to become  one of the top three finalists and sent R&B singer Brandy home.

Next Monday and Tuesday will be the shows’ season Finals.