USA’s Isles Threatens in Rugby 7’s with Otherworldly Speed

Another awful Thursday Night Football game had me channel surfing too early to find something compelling to watch.  At this time of year, with the sporting joys of the season in the air, I would head straight over to the NBC Sports Network and a hockey game.  I might find a solid Western Conference game or perhaps the Blackhawks would be showcased on a national stage.   Instead, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a Rugby 7’s match.  Not exactly what I was hoping for, but having little in the way of real alternatives I gave it the benefit of my short attention span. That’s how foul a mood the NHL has put me in.  S0 I watched rugby last night instead of being irritated by the overachieving Bengals and the hapless Eagles.  Too quickly did Rugby transcend my expectations.  Who is this speed demon flashing across my screen like Kane driving to the net or Reggie Bush during his days at USC?  Carlin Isles, the world’s fastest rugby player, is the equivalent of Trindon Holliday or Robert Griffin III as a multi-sport phenom.

Carlin Isles might be “only” the 36th fastest man in America, but in the sport of Rugby 7-on-7 he has no peer in the category of absolute beast. This kid has the the acceleration of a sports car; his first step is the fastest I’ve ever seen in any of sport.  Usain Bolt puts some serious distance between him and the rest of the world-class runners over a short distance, and his Olympic performance stands for his super-human abilities, but Carlin Isles’s speed is disruptive of the sport of rugby where his speed is unprecedented and unmatched. The USA team is not the best in the sport – where the Aussie’s and the New Zealander’s dominate – but with Isles the USA has a chance to compete on a level not realized in recent history.  Look, I admit that I’ve never watched rugby before in my life, and I am baffled by the cause, purpose and appearance of a scrum, but for about an hour last night I was mezmerized by his performance and even researched his Internet video legacy on Youtube and any other media format I could find him on.  I’m a sports fan, and some players’ abilities are so universal that they deserve our attention and respect.  Lightening speed overcomes many other attributes in sports, and Isles has the ability to make world-class competitors appear foolish.


Isles played Football at Ashland University in Ohio

Isles runs a 4.1-second 40-Yard Dash

Rugby 7’s will be introduced as an Olympic Sport in Rio De Janeiro in 2016