Undoubtedly Autumn

Weather in the Windy City has taken a turn for the better and with it comes the change in seasons, not only meteorologically but athletically as well. Today’s high in the Chicagoland area will probably not reach much higher than seventy and for all those who hated the oppressive heat last year, then this is welcome relief. With this climatic cool-down and struggling baseball season wind-down, my focus turns to training camps, FBS schedules and all other things that come with the reduction of borophyll.


In the upcoming weeks lots of things will be happening in the midwest region and nationwide in the world of sports. For those who’re diehard Notre Dame fans like me the Irish have a huge rivalry game on national television in their second game on the season at the “Big House” in Ann Arbor. In keeping with the trend of football, the hometown professional team has a big game that takes them to Heinz Field for week three on NBC. Of course one of the biggest games of the year for the city’s big time college program is their own homecoming in week three against the undefeated Buckeyes. Football’s huge in Chicago. High School football will be underway and there’s plenty of attention paid to some of the bigger schools in the area.

Regretfully, baseball in Chicago has underwhelmed, particularly given expectations formed at the end of last year. However the rebuilding process is well underway for both Chicago teams, and it won’t be long before baseball in Chicago is being played well into the cold nights of October.

It may be hard to believe, but hockey will be ramping up sooner than usual because of the Sochi Olympics. Training camps and the season will start about a week early this year after an elongated season brought the Cup to Chicago closer to July.

The last thing to mention in this culminating preview of what’s to come is the triumphant return of the city’s golden boy Derrick Rose, who hasn’t played basketball in eighteen months. It’s nice to have prospects since there won’t be playoff baseball this year and the Bears more than likely won’t make the playoffs. Chicago is more sports-rich than other midwest cities. It’s got a top-notch hockey club, a top-five player in the NBA (when healthy), and more than a few college football teams to root for. The Big Ten’s one of the top three conferences in the country and for the most part that style of football complements the pro game. However if you’re a transplanted east coaster with a bias, then there’s still nothing better than the late game Saturday on CBS with the SEC. If that’s your choice then the season opener for that one won’t disappoint.