UConn: 89 and counting

It was a historic night for the No. 1-ranked lady Huskies basketball team at the University of Conneticut. The women’s team broke the NCAA 88-game winning streak set byJohn Wooden’s UCLA men’s team from 1971-1974, when they beat the Florida State Seminoles on Tuesday night.

A team known for its toughness and tenacity, headed onto the court Tuesday night with not only a win at stake, but a historical moment for UConn. The ladies set the court on fire and blazed past the Seminoles beating them by 31 points, with a final score of 93-62.

The senior All-American, Maya Moore had a career-high of 41 points and 10 rebounds, while freshman Bria Hartley racked up 21 points for the Huskies.  It may come as no surprise that the Huskies pulled out such a large win during the historical game, the team who has been on its record run since April 6, 2008 has only had two teams come within a single digit point range of UConn, Stanford and Baylor.

The women’s team, led by Coach Geno Auriemma, headed over to cheering fans to celebrate this new chapter in UConn history after the final buzzer. The lady Huskies then huddled in front of their bench, and shortly after skipped around the court donning t-shirts that read, “89 and Counting.”