What has twitter done for me?  After a failed attempt at twitter well over a year ago, a certain teacher made me try it again.  Of course I would not like it; I hated it the first time around.  I mean it is just inconsistent babble that no one truly understands.

Well, I was wrong.  I started twitter about five days ago and have already gotten hooked.  I check it all the time, get mobile updates, @reply to folks, and even Direct Message people after they follow me. I feel like I am creating a personal brand for myself, in fact, I am.

After starting twitter Friday night and searching for people I already know, I went to bed thinking how stupid this is and I can’t wait to delete it again.  By Saturday morning I had fifteen followers and had a direct message from a company called Platinum Events.  How they found me is unknown to me, but they did.

Platinum events is a mixture between a marketing, event planning, and disc jockey collective that plans, promotes, and performs many events around the cities of Chicago, New York, and now Miami.

“@chrisajones1 u DJ? I’m looking for a Dj currently to add to our roster.  Check out our site thx 4 the follow.”  Yes, officially twenty-four hours after starting a Twitter account, I am already networking and finding potential new freelance jobs, and hopefully an internship and maybe a career.

This single event has hooked me on this crazy little social media site.  I find myself tweeting at work, school, and at home when I’m supposed to be doing homework.  This could be bad, but could also be great.w York, and now Miami.  d disc jockey collective that plans, promotes, and performs

Since then I have started following old friends, companies I admire, and cool people from around Chicago.  I feel lame because I only have about 30 followers but that’s okay because gaining friends digitally or physically takes more than the click of a mouse.  Well, in most cases anyway.

So as I am struggling to brand myself, I have thought of a few ways to promote my Twitter.  Some of them are crazy, and some of them are simple, but I hope that many of these will work for me and anyone else that wants to promote their tweetspace.

Use Twitter like a business card.  Just like a business, you need to have some form of unity in the websites that represent you along with physical documents as well.  First, write a catchy bio, it is your 140 character tagline to sell your profile.  This should have been done a long time ago.

Put that sexy little twitter url everywhere.  Facebook, Bebo, Linkedin, if you still have myspace, hell put it on your email signature.  If you really want to get crazy, t-shirts baby!

If you have a website or an online portfolio, tweet the link to your new projects that you are proud of.  Face it, not many people are going to straight out google you, so bump that traffic up and promote yourself with twitter.  Just don’t become a spammer out of it please.  Even better, tweet works in progress, ask for advice, and sound productive and excited.  If someone helps you, they will feel better about themselves and you two will grow closer

This is an obvious one, add people, talk to people, and don’t be boring.  That is the best way to gain friends.  Become an “expert” in your field, and they will follow.

Most importantly, socialize.  This is the name of the game, and the key to success online.  Help people, let them help you, and be the cool kid on twitter.  With these few tips I sure hope that you will learn how to utilize twitter better.

Last but not least, Tweetup.  Although there are creepers on the interwebz, there are also many nice people that are awesome to hang out with.    You could get a beer, or a cup of coffee after a long night.  Meeting up in person will create an actual bond that could lead to a friendship.  After all, isn’t that what social networking is truly for?

-Chris Jones