Trump Training Eye Towards Ricketts Family

Somehow the Cubs, and in specific the Cubs Ownership has come into the crosshairs of the “Trump Train” because of the spending against him done in the primary race of Florida by the Ricketts Family. Now to his credit the Donald did win by a whopping 20 points in the Sunshine State, beating out Marco Rubio, who the Ricketts were supporting, spending $38 Million in attack ads against Trump’s Campaign. Recently Trump did an interview with the Washington Post, and questions were asked regarding the Ricketts:

“Look, they are spending vicious … I don’t even know these people. Those Ricketts. I actually said they ought to focus on the Chicago Cubs and, you know, stop playing around. They spent millions of dollars fighting me in Florida.”

Trump was asked regarding “They better watch out. They have a lot to hide.”

“Well, it means that I’ll start spending on them. I’ll start taking ads telling them all what a rotten job they’re doing with the Chicago Cubs. I mean, they are spending on me. I mean, so am I allowed to say that? I’ll start doing ads about their baseball team. That it’s not properly run or that they haven’t done a good job in the brokerage business lately.”

Now clearly Trump backed off his initial statement about having a lot to hide. To say someone has a lot to hide to most people usually means there’s a body in the trunk of someone’s Oldsmobile. Now with that being said Trump continues to do this, just last night he tweeted about “spilling the beans” referring to Ted Cruz’s wife after Cruz took a jab at Trump’s third wife Malania. Now while I don’t want to share my political views on the presidential race, it seems odd that someone can make these brash statements like he has everyone’s deepest, darkest secrets locked away in his desk only to then immediately back away from them when asked to elaborate. How am I as a voter supposed to trust someone with running my country, and fulfilling his promises made on the campaign trail if he can’t even explain to us the voters what he has on these people of power.

Trump comes out and says “they’d better watch out” got me thinking that he knows of some criminal activity regarding the baseball team. Is Tom Ricketts and his family skimming off the top and/or hiding money through the Cubs? So they’ve made some bad brokerage deals, Donald Trump has had businesses file for bankruptcy four times in the past 25 years, I’d say that’d qualify as bad brokerage deals, especially considering you can only file Chapter 7 once every eight years.

Trump continues to pander to the masses, and anyone with money or influence who speaks out or spends against him is subject to his scorn. A scorn which more and more is looking like whimpering with no hard evidence to substantiate. Donald needs to stop worrying about the people who oppose him, and tell them to look at the scoreboard. Something the Cubs will be doing a lot of in 2016 as the current World Series favorite.