Thirteen People Arrested in Heroin Bust

After a two-year investigation, thirteen people were arrested and charged yesterday in two drug operations in South Suburban communities Harvey and Robbins. Three men who are also involved still remain at large.

Charges of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distribution of heroin were made thanks to the combined efforts of the FBI, Cook County Sheriff Department, Illinois State Police and Orland Park Police Departments.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart was very pleased at the teamwork of the departments during this extensive investigation.

“This is the model for how we need to deal with these incidents,” Dart said.

The drug task force received information from residents and customers and by performing area watch in Harvey and Robbins. The heroin drug operations mainly took place on specific corners of the South Suburbs.

Heroin customers travelled from Northwest Indiana, southwest suburbs and the city of Chicago.

According to research performed at the Roosevelt University’s Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy, Chicago and its suburbs has the most illnesses and problems due to heroin use than any other city in the United States.

Authorities report that the heroin problem might have replaced than the crack/cocaine problem.

“It’s a significant problem,” James Roache Senior Supervisor and Resident Agent of the Orland Park police office.

“Unfortunately, it’s getting larger in some areas.”

The manhunt continues for the three suspects who have yet to be charged.

According to an FBI press release, six of the thirteen people charged have been released on bond. Those suspects will remain under close surveillance by the FBI. Three other suspects are being held without bond.

Those facing federal charges may receive a minimum of five years to life in prison and a possible $2 million fine. Those facing state charges will appear in court today, may face a sentence of one to three years.