The Snow Can’t Stop the Verizon iPhone

Chicago Verizon Wireless customers may not be able to go outdoors, but on Feb 10 they can have a new toy to play with inside.

Verizon customers can pre-order the iPhone 4 beginning February 3 at 3 a.m. All existing Verizon customers will have the chance to order the iPhone 4 one week before its general release date. Verizon believes in satisfying their customers.

“We appreciate our many customers who told us that iPhone 4 should be on he nation’s most reliable network,” said Dan Mead, chief executive officer for Verizon Wireless.

There will only be a limited amount of phones available.

If ordered on February 3, iPhone 4 deliveries are expected to arrive on or before February 10.

The Verizon iPhone 4 is priced at $499.