We Like: At This Year’s Taste Food Trucks Allowed Short Term Parking

The perennial money-losing Taste of Chicago has been shrunk to sample size since Mayor Emanuel has taken office. The days to attend the Taste have been cut in half and will no longer run through the 4th of July weekend.

However, while smaller, there is also new. Seven food trucks will be added to the Taste.  The food trucks will be allowed to line up on the east end of the Petrillo Music Shell pavilion in the lawn seating area on the centerfield concrete path. 

Although the food trucks get to participate in this years’Taste, it is only for a small portion of the event. Each night, the lucky seven food trucks will be permitted to serve food for the brief period of an hour before and during the evening concerts.

While the trucks’ operations will be limited by location and time, their inclusion in the Taste is meant to respond to the backlash the city got for banning food truck venders form the Taste last year.  “Chicago’s small businesses are the backbones of our communities and are a vital part of what make our city a thriving place to live, work and visit,” said Mayor Emanuel.

We Like that food trucks get to show and share their stuff at the Taste of Chicago.

We hope to see Flirty Cupcakes at the Taste.  When isn’t a little flirting sweet?  Every week they make several different flavors of cupcakes.  We like the Paradise Island – a light, moist, rum-and-coconut cake with a rich cream cheese frosting.  We also like to cure our chocolate craving with For the Love of Chocolate – filled with Nutella and a chocolate Nutella frosting.

And We Like Taquero Fusion offers the ultimate walking tacos.  In addition to the basic beef and chicken tacos there are also BBQ pork and the No Carne veggie taco.

Jerk does all its Jamaican cooking and deep frying on-board.  Jerk is mainly a marinated-chicken truck, but its cornbread fritters are easily washed down by fresh pineapple juice. 

The city will take a 25 percent commission fee from tickets sold by each food truck, as well as Chicago’s 10 and a half percent tax.

“The food truck industry continues to build in strength and numbers, and my administration is committed to creating the conditions and opportunities that will allow this industry to thrive, create jobs and support a vibrant food culture across Chicago,” said Mayor Emanuel. “This will be a great way for many Chicagoans to get a sense of the excitement of this industry and sample some great food.”

The Taste of Chicago will begin on July 10th and run through the 14th.  The band fun will be opening this year’s 33rdTaste of Chicago at 5:30 p.m.  Tickets for seats in the Petrillo Music Shell will be $25 and go on sale mid-May, Lawn seating is free.