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Derrick Rose's MVP says so much about how good this team could be with a balanced attack and Rose driving to the basket

Bulls Waiting Game

Derrick Rose might or might not come back to play this season but, let’s be honest, either way the Bulls’ prospects for the regular season aren’t going to be materially different and, in any event, they certainly aren’t going to win the NBA Championship.   And my superattenuated ear hears Rose saying that he won’t return until he’s “110%” to infer that the Bulls don’t know whether or […]

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Has won Defensive Player of the Year more than once

Dwight Howard

The franchise big man of the Orlando Magic wants out of town and to be dealt to Brooklyn, which seems to be imminent. The Brooklyn Nets have given a max contract to Deron Williams (University of Illinois) and acquired Joe Johnson already this off-season, and it appears they are poised to strike again. Howard feels as if his marketing dollars […]

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