Off-duty cop causes SWAT response

An off-duty Plainfield Police officer caused a large police and SWAT response and roads closed Tuesday afternoon.

Around 1:30 p.m. police were called to the 1100 block of South Wells, for reports of a man barricaded in his car attempting to harm himself, according to Chicago Police News Affairs spokesman Veejay Zala.

The incident which was classified as a Hostage Barricaded Terrorism or HBT, caused officers to respond from all over the city.

Upon further investigation on-scene, police determined the man was an off-duty Plainfield, Ill. police officer, said Zala. Chicago Police negotiators resolved the incident peacefully with the off-duty officer.

Roosevelt Road in both directions were closed around Wells during during the incident, according to a spokesman at OEMC.

CTA buses 12 and 18 were also affected due to traffic closures, said CTA spokeswoman Catherine Hosinski.

(featured image courtesy of Brian Schwind)