Super Bowl XLVIII

On Sunday Night the most watched televised event in America will take place in the city that never sleeps – East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks play extremely contrasting styles but both have managed to get to this game by having equal success in what they do. Peyton Manning will aim for his second Super Bowl ring by leading his record-setting offense on the field that his brother Eli calls home. On the other side of the ball, the Seattle Seahawks come in as the defensive juggernaut that has caused the most turnovers in the NFL as well as having led the league all year in a variety of different categories.

Both teams finished the year at 13-3 and the number-one seed in their conferences and so hosted their championship game. Seattle dealt with an extremely tough and battle-tested opponent in the 49ers, while Denver played flawlessly against the Patriots. The Broncos have had success all year throwing the ball and racking up huge yardage and points. Seattle has managed to keep their opponents down while running the ball well and creating points off turnovers.

The game is being played outdoors in a northern climate for the first time and although it may be cold, it won’t be nearly as bad as it could be considering the type of winter the country is having. The temps are expected to be rather seasonable for a February evening with no precipitation likely and a slight wind. Peyton Manning’s been dogged his whole career by being considered a dome quarterback. In the AFC Championship against New England it was blue skies and  62 degrees in Denver.  It won’t be quite so autumnal on Sunday.  The Seahawks are dealing with their own adversity – they aren’t at home, where they are nearly unbeatable. Russell Wilson has only lost once at home.

The Seahawks are going to want to pressure Manning and flush him out of the pocket and get bodies around his feet. The Patriots tried to do this but were unsuccessful as the offensive line for Denver was astounding. The Seattle defense is far better at executing their game plan and should be able to cause Manning a little bit more discomfort. Denver is going to want to do the complete opposite with Wilson, they’re going to want to keep him in the pocket and force him to look over his lineman to try and throw the ball down field. Denver will start by attempting to stop Marshawn Lynch who up until this point has really turned it on in the playoffs with 250 yards rushing.

The game should be a great one, with the top two teams all year going at it in the planet’s biggest game. Both teams certainly deserve to be in this game and without a doubt will leave it all on the field. I have a hard time picking against the Broncos in this game after flip-flopping for the past two weeks. I really hope the Broncos don’t win this game because I’m a die-hard Patriots fan, but with the way the Denver O-Line is playing it’s tough to pick against them.  The Broncos O-line has been the best unit in football and if they can continue their play for just one more game there’s no way Manning doesn’t win this game. If the Seahawks win it’ll be because they schemed their way to victory with pressure from different places to confuse the front. Seattle can do this, but it will be awfully tough.  This one has a Broncos victory written all over it.