Summertime Calls for a Workout!

With no more snow, the windy city has a lot to look forward to.  It’s not even summer yet, and the weather has certainly made a drastic switch from winter chills.  Still, plenty of us still feel the “couch-potato” in us as we have yet to work off all those extra calories taken in from the holidays.  With rising temps and blossoming plants, there’s plenty of opportunities to take the chance to exercise in the great outdoors.

Many Chicago residents have already found solutions to this long-needed issue.  Just taking a look around to see what’s to offer, and you can find plenty of offering chances to get that summer look back in time to hit the beach!

If you’re looking for something simple and easy going, there are hourlong Tai Chi lessons every Saturday morning in Ravenswood.  Sas Stark of the Tai Chi Center of Chicago conducts the lessons near the green gazebo at Welles Park.  This type of workout is best known for its focus on tranquility.  More information on free sessions is provided at the Tai Chi Center website.

If you’d rather get more involved without taking it too far, there are plenty of resources that offer classes involving Yoga and Pilates.

-The Lincoln Park Zoo conducts weekly yoga classes at the scenic Nature Boardwalk where participants enjoy the view of the city skyline.  Registration can be found at their website and includes classes for both adults and parent/children sessions.

-Barre Bee Fit is an organization that incorporates yoga and pilates with ballet moves atop the roof of the Hotel Palomar.  This workout includes plenty of isometrics, which focuses on specific muscles, like those in the butt and abdomen.  More information and registration can be found at their website.

-Even the Millennium Park offers free 45-minute yoga, pilates, and zumba sessions every Saturday morning at the Great Lawn.  Three sessions take place each morning from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and are lead by such instructors as Marcelyn Cole, Core Chicago Pilates, and Solao Fitness & Dance Studio.  Schedules and details can be found at Explore Chicago.

For more intensive workouts, on Wednesdays, the Millennium Park also hosts TeamiFit Tabata Bootcamp.  An exercise aimed at mimicking those of bootcamp practices, a variety of moves are incorporated in short, high-intensity periods.  Schedules and more information is located at the TeamiFit website.

If none of these workouts are eccentric enough for you, there are even classes offered to take it a step further.  Trapeze School New York: Chicago offers classes on the flying trapeze, which is a monster workout for the upper body.  This adventure-filled lesson takes places at Belmont Harbor, where swinging through the air in the city and above the waters of Lake Michigan leaves you breathless!  Registration for flying trapeze as well as similar classes can be found at TSNY Chicago’s website.

These are only a few of the many classes and activities Chicagoans have to offer.  Just taking a quick search via the internet can bring up many great opportunities to further enjoy our city’s summertime as well as shedding a few pounds!