Summer of Gun

Police Tape marks a Crime Scene

Chicago has seen a 38% spike in gun-related violence over the past few weeks and with temperatures keeping things hot on the streets the city has a crisis on its hands. Over the past 48 hours, 15 people were victims of handgun violence, several being children caught in crossfires.

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has voiced his increased concern for the uptick in violence. Even national attention has been drawn to Chicago, as its violent crimes reach the uppermost tier in country. Chicago’s record-shattering heat wave has added even more fuel to the fire. There have been 20+ days of temps in the 90’s or above with a several of days seeing triple digits.

What can be done to stop the violence?

Do you feel safe in Chicago?

Do you think the reported violence in Chicago compares in any way to violence in cities in the countries that are going through civil unrest?