Spurs Still Underdogs Despite Leading Series 3-2

Although the Spurs have the technical ability to close out the Heat tomorrow night, it appears as though the oddsmakers still see Miami as the favorite heading home. Last night the Heat were a -1.5 and, despite losing by double digits, as of today Miami is a -7 for tomorrow’s game. The money line for the series is still -140 in favor of Miami, which wouldn’t be a huge payout at this point but it’s still amazing that San Antonio is getting absolutely no respect.

Danny Green has set a new NBA Finals record for shots beyond the three-point arc and his shooting percentage might be near record highs as well. Green has been the hottest shooter since Reggie Miller in the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals. Manu Ginobili may not be long for the league but last night he poured in 24.  It appears that when the Spurs are getting a balanced attack from their starters they’re able to beat Miami.  Game 3, for example, was a laugher that was over by the third quarter. Miami did have a great team effort in Game 4, but the Spurs have already captured one on the road. The Spurs have won every odd-numbered game, which are the most important in any series and this one is on the road to be no exception.

Game 6 will be an all-out war and Lebron will probably drop 60 if David Stern has anything to say about it because Stern’s gonna want his last year to go out with a bang. But if the referees keep their whistles in their pockets there’s no saying San Antonio can’t end this series sooner rather than later. To make the Heat a 7-point favorite tomorrow night is fine; that’s a pretty standard number for a home team as good as Miami.  Look, I’m not going to be one to suggest betting on San Antonio tomorrow night, but to give the Spurs better than even money to lose two games in a row seems a little outlandish.

Personally, I expect the Heat to implode tomorrow night and lose a nail biter!  These Spurs will not go quietly into the night.