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Gould Wins game with 41 Yard kick as clock reads zeroes

Enigma: Bears Lose All 4 Quarters Yet Win Game

Tim Jennings intercepted a Cam Newton pass with about 6-1/2 minutes to go in the 4th to give the Bears their first lead of the game.  At game’s end, the Bears had somehow accumulated more points than the Panthers, and improved to 6-1 with the win.  This was an improbable result given that the Bears lost by measure of every other statistic I […]

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Madison "Mad Bum" Bumgarner (23 Hudson, NC) was dominant in his first World Series start as he kept the Tigers off balance in leading his team to a 2-0 series lead

Thursday Night Lights Shine on Giants in World Series Game 2 (and yet again the Chicago Bears)

The San Francisco Giants descended from superlatives to simply win Game 2 by playing their game.  The 2-0 victory was led by Madison Bumgarner’s rock solid pitching as he went 7 innings, allowed 2 hits and fanned 8.  His win was solidified by the best bullpen in baseball while the defense was impenetrable throughout, as highlighted by the relay throw to get Prince Fielder out at the plate that would have given the Tigers […]

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Doing a fine job in his first year as OC

Chicago Fans Rejoice Over Two-fer – Bears Win and Cards Lose!

Chicagoans are rejoicing as their beloved Bears moved to 5-1 with an expected win over Detroit that was a little too tight for comfort and – bonus alert! – the elimination of the hated St. Louis Cardinals in a MLB’s Game 7 blowout in San Francisco.  This is not exactly the same as a win for the Cubs (though I confess that I’m not sure anyone knows what a Cubs win is) but […]

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Running away with a BCS from Matt Ryan in 2004

Late October Football: Bears Hunt, Falcons Flight, and ND Burning Its Way to LA.

Midpoint of the NFL regular season and the most compelling game this week is tonight, when the Chicago Bears host the Detroit Lions.  If Chicago wins they’ll have put some serious space between them and the rest of their division and conference.  While the Atlanta Falcons are undefeated at 6-0 and coming off their bye week, no one outside of Atlanta thinks they are serious contenders to thrive in the […]

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Monday Night Football by the Lake

Bears have a golden opportunity staring them in the face on National Television

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He and Bears know they are in control

Chicago’s October Football – Avoiding the Fall

Football is on top of its game during Chicago’s colorful autumn, especially as Notre Dame pulled off its deservedly fortuitous win over Stanford and the Bears took over sole possession of the NFC North without having to take the field. The Minnesota Vikings met RGIII and their doom as he singlehandedly sealed the Redskins’ win with a 76-yard touchdown run – easily the biggest play of Week […]

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Former Top HS Recruit Breaking Out

Record Setting Weekend for Bears, Saints

This weekend has seen record setting performances on a local and national level all in a few days. The end of the baseball season brought us two record setting seasons with Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera making their mark in the history books, while in the NFL Drew Brees passed Johnny Unitas by throwing a touchdown pass in his 48th […]

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The Weeks Side: Bears V. Jags Week 5

The Weeks Side: Bears V. Jags Week 5

Bears look to carry the momentum into their bye week after dominating Romo and the Cowboys.

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Romo lay disheartened after getting intercepted

Bears Ride Cowboys Hard

Tony “Oh No!” Romo was in perfectly predictable form and the Bears’ defense fed on him like pigs at the trough. Few expected the defense to rise to a level of such absolute domination. The legacy of the Bears’ overwhelming defense was evident last night as the Bears crushed the Cowboys and sent Romo to the showers with a fractured […]

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High School Refs blow game, percentages for playoff chances dramatically changed on botched call

Refs Nail Coffin Shut in Seattle

The NFL didn’t go to bed last night until well into the wee hours. It arose early, red-eyed and spent, to a universal cacophany of hoots, cackles, wails, outrage and threats. No media channel spared the NFL from condemnation – cable, dish, radio, bar, breakfast table, school grounds gatherings, string-connected paper cups…all channeled a collective public outrage and disdain. The […]

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