Southern Illinois University may increase tuition

Incoming freshman of the fall 2011 term at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIU) may pay more for tuition.

SIU President Glenn Poshard announced the possible tuition hike this week before a state Senate panel.

The current annual tuition rate is just under $8,000. If the tuition increase is approved by state officials, next fall freshman will face an increase of about six to nine percent. .

SIU Spokesman Rod Sievers reports that the economy is not what it used to be.

“The amount of state funding continues to dwindle,” Sievers said.

The university hopes the tuition increase will create university funds to bridge the budget gap. The university has had a hiring freeze for the last couple of years as well as eliminate some open positions.

The tuition increase would help SIU increase revenue and continue academic services.

“At this point, it will help provide the best education possible to our students,” Sievers said. “Whatever it takes to fulfill our academic mission.”

A decision is expected to be made next month.