Sochi 2014

As I watched the first night of the Winter Olympics, I relived my problem with the London Games – none of it is live.  While Chicago is only six hours behind London, we’re ten hours behind Sochi and therein lies the rub.  I love the Winter Olympics. I enjoy them more than any other international competition, even more than the Summer Games and the World Cup of Soccer.  But I – like just about everyone except NBC Sports – live in a world of real time and so love live television.  In this day and age of Twitter and constant social media updating, there’s little chance of avoiding spoiler moments and, anyway, I can’t get into reruns of sports events.

Perhaps over the next fortnight I’ll stay up to some ridiculous hours on the weekends to catch some action, but during the week when I have to attend something known as a job there’s no way I’m going to be able to watch any of it. I’m not really into doing the whole DVR thing at night to spool it up later to see things that have already occurred. Now obviously I’ll be watching the Gold Medal Hockey game, but that’s going to happen at 6AM CST which means I’ll willingly be late to work that day (and this article is effective legal notice of such to my employer).

I understand that not all the games can be played to adapt to my Central Standard Time sensitivities, but for the viewership in America it really hurts the events and certainly takes away from some of the intrigue.  As for the games themselves, they seem to have really gotten off to a bad start with the media reporting of wild dog eradication procedures, poor hotel hospitalities and conditions, and the Russian admission that it is watching people’s behavior in their rooms.  Then there are the terror concerns.

Hopefully for the next two weeks the games go off without a hitch and the only things we’ll think about are the athletes and the memorable moments in sport.  And then I’ll get some sleep.