Looks like Chicago is back up and running from Tuesday’s blizzard.

All of Chicago was at a stand still from the 20 inches of snow the fell throughout the city and suburban areas.

The 2011 blizzard started Tuesday around 2pm and continued until Wednesday night.

The blizzard had a major effect on just about every business in Chicago. At the airports, there were over 2,200 flights that was canceled at O’Hare airport and 400 flights at Midway airport.┬áComEd reported 48,000 customers without power.┬áCTA suspended a majority of their bus routes and some train routes as well.

But the talk of the town was Lake Shore Drive. Nearly 1,000 cars were stranded for over 12 hours and had to be rescued, their cars were towed away hours later.

This predicted snow storm has marked its place as Chicago’s third largest snowstorm. Temperatures are expected to drop 15 degrees below zero Thursday evening.