Sky Rise Chicago Tower Up!

Run, walk or jog to the top?

Over hundreds of runners attended the 2nd annual Sky Rise Tower Up race to the top challenge. There were a total of 1,800 participants from over 31 states who climbed 103 floors or hand cycled the equivalent of the Willis Tower.

The 2,109-stair climb to the sky deck was more than just a challenge. According to most of the runners, the preparation for the run was not an easy task, training with or without a trainer, and being in good health and shape was just some of the requirements needed to complete the run.

Once the runners succeeded to the top, they received a finishers medal, after-event refreshments and an enjoyable memory of conquering one of the worlds tallest building and helping out for a good cause at the same time.

All proceeds from the event benefited RIC (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) and totaled up to 1 million dollars. RIC is America’s #1 Rehabilitation hospital who assist many patients with physical illness.