The Ray Rice story has reached epic proportions, to the point that the NFL is using the former FBI director Robert Mueller to head an investigation into the handling of the events. Literally the NFL is hiring someone to investigate the investigation. In any event the NFL is under a huge storm of public relations hell in which a group of 16 female senators are demanding a zero-tolerance for domestic violence. Congress wants to know what the hell is going on, and I just wanna know if Ray Rice knocked out his girlfriend in a casino elevator I really hope it was fueled by alcohol, because if he did it with a clear mind, then he needs more than an indefinite suspension.

What’s worse of all is that this event which is now headline news everywhere is shining a light on to domestic violence in our society that shouldn’t need this story to be brought to the forefront. For starters I’d like to say that I’ve never put my hands on woman and have been in many fights in my past relationships. What Ray Rice did is horrible, and the fact that he told his now wife to ask for leniency is pretty bad as well. His now wife then fiancé Janay Palmer was punched and hit her head on the railing as she fell causing her to go unconscious. The NFL is reported to have seen this video back in May when it was first reported as a domestic violence charge against Rice.

Roger Goddell has now come out on National TV and told the country that he’d never seen the video prior to when TMZ released it earlier this week. That there is a bold face lie. Consider the circumstances of the NFL and how much money and power it holds. The NFL does about $11 Billion dollars in business a year for something that only occurs for 5 months. Each individual owner is worth billions of dollars themselves and Goddell himself raked in $42 million last year for his position. Goddell really thinks we’re to believe that they couldn’t get their hands on a casino surveillance video in an elevator.

The Ray Rice situation makes everyone in the league look bad, not just Goddell. If you look at the countless instances of violence involving NFL players it’s pretty lengthy. Rae Carruth is currently in jail for hiring an undercover cop to kill his wife who was pregnant. Aaron Hernandez is in jail for allegedly killing three people in two summers, while being an all-pro. Michael Vick ran an extensive dog fighting operation, and there are currently 14 players who have priors for domestic violence in the league currently playing. Two of whom play for the Bears. That’s not to mention Chris Henry, Sean Taylor, or Darrent Williams who’re all casualties of violence against them. Chris Henry’s death stemmed from a domestic dispute.

The NFL is a violent sport that has a shelf life of about three years on average. The cases of guys who’ve gone through the league and then turned to a life of crime afterwards is also numerous. Roger Goddell, by lying about this incident is making himself no better than the person who has committed the crime. By suspending Ray Rice two games and then implementing a 6-game mandatory punishment followed by a lifetime ban is really too little too late. Ray Rice is now suspended indefinitely and will probably never play in the NFL again despite Robert Kraft saying everyone deserves a second chance. Tell me Bob, if Aaron Hernandez beats his charges and walks a free man he’ll still only be 25 years old. Will you resign him to another huge contract like you did the summer he’s alleged to have committed a drive-by, killing two innocent people in the South End?

The last thing that must be said about this incident, and obviously I’m just scratching the surface because I have no inside information, but what about these owners of all sports in general. Donald Sterling lost ownership of his team because he’s a racist. The owner of the Atlanta Hawks is saying racist remarks in a city that is completely black, and on top of everything else Jim Irsay was caught OUI with a duffle bag full of cash while  renting an apartment for some woman who overdosed at the location.

These guys feel as though they are all above the law because they play professional sports or so they think, and the owners of these teams feel as though they are masters of the universe because they own the most popular product on the planet. Roger Goddell is most certainly to blame for this cover up and by him saying he never saw the video shows him trying to protect the interest of the team and owners more so than the victim. For this is the real problem that he faces. The owner of the Baltimore Ravens Steve Bisciotti isn’t completely innocent in all this either. For him to never come out and levy punishment in the first place would’ve saved everyone a lot of time and agony. Had Bisciotti told Harbaugh and GM Ozzie Newsome that Ray Rice needed to be released upon viewing a video of him dragging his wife out of an elevator in Atlantic City, this whole disaster could’ve been avoided. Not having seen the video of Rice striking his fiancé was irrelevant, Bisciotti knew the circumstances of the arrest and the hallway video clearly shows Rice dragging an unconscious Palmer.

Domestic violence is nothing to be taken lightly, it’s a worldwide problem in all societies and for the NFL to try and save face over this video is really appalling in every sense. The fact that congress is getting involved is almost as absurd as it’s involvement in steroids. Congress needs to stick to its duties and allow the powers that be handle whatever is to come of this now seemingly never ending debacle.