Shedd Aquarium’s “A Holiday Fantasea”

Shedd Aquarium’s newest special effects aquatic show premiered Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.

Called “A Holiday Fantasea”, the show celebrated its youngest male beluga’s 1st birthday. The baby whale’s name, Nunavik, comes from the Arctic’s region’s Inuit language meaning ‘friendly, beautiful, and wild’.

Nunavik weighed 460 pounds at birth, and is expected to weigh up to 3,000 pounds by the time he reaches his 9th birthday. Nunavik was also born at Shedd Aquarium and is its fifth successful beluga birth.

“A Holiday Fantasea” also showcases performances by Pacific white-sided dolphins, other beluga whales, and a California sea lion.

In addition, this is Shedd’s first aquatic exhibit to also feature a ceiling-to-floor multimedia projection screen background, music, professional dancing, and a performing Santa.

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