Rose to Represent America!?

It’s been reported that D-Rose wants to play for the USA in this summer’s World Championships in Spain. The FIBA 2014 World Cup is played like soccer’s World Cup in Brazil, where national teams search for gold and glory much like the Olympics, only it’s the FIBA World Cup.

I have so many issues with this report that it’s almost too painful to write about. But Derrick, you’re killing me. Pen in hand, I am writing directly to you…so the rest of you (basically my family and friends) should stop reading here.

Dear Derrick,

First I would like to acknowledge that you’re a phenomenal basketball player. You are truly blessed.

Your God-given talent, Basketball IQ and sheer drive to succeed led you to a national championship appearance, an All-American selection and a number-one overall pick by your hometown Bulls. You’ve since won an MVP (remarkable in the LeBron era) and you’ve led your Bulls to high win totals in the regular season and deep playoff runs. Unfortunately your career was put on hold because of a horrific injury during your quest to win a title during the post-Jordan era. This wasn’t your fault Derrick; you were just playing your heart out. You were sorely missed for those playoffs and for the entire following season. But we waited patiently, optimistically and expectantly for your healthy return. Really patiently, really optimistically, really expectantly.

And you came back! We were like kids on Christmas morning! Anything was possible. We were gonna shoot for the moon. But then another injury, and another year jeopardized, and we wait again…patiently, optimistically, expectantly. Really really patiently, really realty optimistically, really really expectantly. We don’t blame you for your injury, Derrick. Sure we’ve suffered through it, but no more so than you, dispatched as you are to another far-off rehab regimen.

i watched The Godfather over the weekend. I feel like Vito Corleone when he had survived an assassination attempt and lost Sonny and said to the heads of the other families that he would forgive all for the misery and loss…but only so far…if anything should happen to his other son who had been away for so long, if he should be injured in a practice, if a Spanish player should take you out, if you should get hit by a bolt of lightning and not be able to return to play for the Bulls…this I will not forgive, and I shall blame some of the people involved in this decision to let you play off-season for Team USA, including you. But, other than getting injured for Team USA, I promise that I shall not be the one to break the bond of love that I continue to have for you this day.

Oh, and the Bulls are paying you $95 Million to rehab and help them compete for a championship in June and again next year, not to help Team USA who is not exactly suffering for a world-class PG. Pride, young Derrick, cometh before the fall. Please don’t allow this to occur quite so literally. Please put the Bulls – and your Chicago fans – first.

I love you, D-Rose.