Roger Clemens Acquitted

1986 Topps Baseball Card

“Rocket” Roger Clemens was found not guilty in federal court on acquisitions he lied to a grand jury about using performance enhancing drugs. The key witness for the government was trainer and trusted colleague, Brian McNamee, who in addition to being a personal trainer, was a former New York Police officer. The evidence Clemens faced was old cotton swabs and syringes which McNamee had claimed to injected with Clemens during his days playing baseball.

Roger Clemens like most great pitchers had a tremendous start to his career where he won the 1986 AL MVP and AL Cy Young for the most outstanding regular season by a pitcher. He would lead the Red Sox to the World Series that year where they would lose in 7 games to the NY Mets. The middle part of Clemens’ career continued very much like it started with him winning the AL Cy Young in 86,87, and 91. However towards the latter half of Clemens career he seemed to fall off a bit in his usually consistent numbers causing him to move on from Boston to Toronto where he set out to make the Red Sox regret not retaining his services after the 96′ season. Clemens would win the 1997 AL Cy Young for the Toronto Blue Jays just a year after going 10-13 with a 3.63 ERA. In Toronto his resurrection was almost immediate as he posted numbers which brought him back-to-back Cy Young awards with a combined 41-13 record in 97 and 98. From the age of 34 to 44(97-07), Clemens would post an astounding record of 162-73 for three different teams.

The Mitchell Report which was used to implicate steroid abusers in the Major Leagues in 2008. Clemens would spend countless years trying to clear his own name from that list, which he accomplished yesterday with his legal team headed by Rusty Harden. Clemens still faces a defamation suit from McNamee.

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