Robberies Still High in South Loop

South Loop residents and police officers discussed the continuing high number of robberies in their neighborhood Tuesday, as well as revisiting crimes brought up at previous CAPS meetings.

The meeting focused on beat 132; all the participants gathered in the 1st District Police Community Room.

Despite the continued problem with robberies, the overall number of crimes on the beat went down, according to the crime sheets distributed by police officers.

From Oct. 19 to Nov. 15, overall crimes on the beat went down from 166 to 162.  The number of robberies remained steady at 12 during October and also in November.

Most of the robberies were committed against people who have iPhones, and offenders are often violent, said Chicago Police Officer Mary Panick.

Police also added that a special task force is trying to shut down stores that illegally sell stolen Iphones.

Police also addressed the traffic congestion in front of South Loop Elementary School at 1212 Plymouth Ct.; traffic was also discussed at the previous CAPS meeting.

Kathy Cunningham, Community Policing Sergeant of District 1, said she was personally going to check in on the problem. She said, “I have an appointment with the principal, just to go look at the traffic patterns with her to see if we can improve it, and see what the problems are.”

Police said that since the issue was brought up, the Chicago Police Department has put foot patrol officers near the school to direct traffic.

Due to cuts in the CAPS budget and the holiday season, there will not be a CAPS meeting in December in the beat 132. The next CAPS meeting will be Jan. 19 at 7 p.m. in the 1stDistrict Police Community Room.