RGIII Scorches MNF and Burns Giants

Running Away With a 46-yard Gain

Robert Griffin III is the most exciting player in football and, more importantly, a winner.  In his first appearance on Monday Night Football, RGIII outdueled Eli Manning in a game that was big for both teams. RGIII ended the game with a better passing rating, a better completion percentage, and more points on the board, which is the only statistic that matters.  The Giants’ unbelievably athletic defensive line couldn’t corral Griffin; while he did take some shots that begged questions about his durability over the course of his career, he made the big plays down the stretch to tighten up the NFC East.

The Redskins ran the pistol offense all night and turned the over-eager defense of the Giants against itself as Griffin often read the defense during a play which allowed him the option to either keep the ball and break out of the backfield for big gains or throw the ball to wide open receivers, who have become accustomed to breaking off routes when Griffin is scrambling.

The final touchdown of the game epitomized how RGIII scorched the Giants all night. Out of the pistol set, RGIII had Alfred Morris and the FB join him in the backfield.  With a read-option handoff, everyone on the Giants defense had to sit and wait for the option to be determined before committing. RGIII rolled right and drew the 5 watching defenders to pursue the ball. There’s only 11 men on defense, so Griffin simply lobbed the ball to a wide-open Pierre Garcòn for a completion and touchdown that would be the eventual game-winner.

The Redskins have an unparalleled weapon at their disposal and while he is still a rookie he is getting help from a master offensive mind who knows how to bring out the best in his players. Mike Shannahan is a two-time Super Bowl champion with the Broncos, whose offense was based on the zone running game with Terrell Davis. With RGIII, Shannahan is effectively doing the same by letting Griffin make the reads instead of handing the ball off to Alfred Morris all the time (Morris is another Rookie Revelation of 2012). With Griffin’s ability to throw the ball the way he can and the effectiveness his legs have on the blitz it’s going to be tough for teams to pressure him up the middle or from anywhere for that matter because of how fast he reads defenses. The Redskins sure have a rare commodity on their hands, now they need to tell him to stay safe when busting those 40-yard runs. The NFC North will be a highly contested division for years to come with the presence and leadership of Mr. Griffin.