Rahm: “We Haven’t Won Anything”

During the election party for Rahm Emanuel on Feb. 22, supporters filled the room and cheered loudly for most of the evening for the man they knew would be Chicago’s next mayor.

At just about 9pm, Tuesday night Rahm Emanuel emerged on to the stage  and stood behind a podium at the Plumber’s Union Hall, to graciously accept his new role as mayor-elect.

“Thank you Chicago for this humbling, victory. All I can say, you sure know how to make a guy feel at home!” shouted Emanuel.

During his speech he spoke to not only his supporters but to residents who may have voted differently or didn’t vote at all; calling on them to put aside their differences so that challenges could be faced together and to help make the city great.

Despite the fact that he landed over 55% of votes and had successfully been elected as mayor,  Emanuel said there was still much to do be done, before  it could be declared  a total victory.

“We haven’t won anything until a kid can go school and think about her studies, not her safety. Or until a parent is thinking about their work, not where they are going to find work. The real work of building a better future begins tonight, and I intend to enlist every living soul in our city to that cause.”