Pucking Amazing Win Streak: 49 Games With Back-to-Back National Titles

Who doesn’t love a win streak that defies the sports history of mankind?  The NBA’s Miami Heat stand at 27 games in a row and are attempting to break the ’71-’72 Lakers’ record of 33. The NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks recently ended their season-starting record streak of 24 games without a regulation-time loss. The NFL’s New England Patriots went 21 regular and postseason games without a loss before being stopped by the Steelers at the end of the ’03-’04 season.  Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak is a record of such monumental proportions that the mere whiff of approaching it would inflame our collective consciousness and every at-bat would increasingly suffer under the spotlight’s harsh glare, invariably leading to failure.  Such is the nature of the ridiculously long streak as borne by the challenger.  So, when the historical exception occurs and is continuing for all to witness and enjoy, it is the stuff of dreams.

History is being made at an evolutionary level.  Mankind must now grapple with another seemingly insurmountable winning streak that, stunningly, shows no sign of abating.  The Minnesota Golden Gophers women’s hockey team just finished their regular season with a record of 41-0.  In doing so, they set and continue to set too many records to mention while capturing their second straight national championship under Brad Frost.  Their streak of 49 games goes back to February in the 2011-2012 regular season.

A little hockey perspective might help.  These Golden Gophers are the first women’s hockey team since the sport was sanctioned to go undefeated.  They are the first college hockey team to go undefeated since Cornell’s men did it in 1970.  The previous longest win streak in women’s college hockey was the 21 games won by Harvard in 2008.  The Golden Gophers have absolutely crushed and demolished that record and in so doing are setting a record that will stand for a very long time, possibly into perpetuity.  Think about it; the next team to start a competitive win streak in women’s college hockey will, in surpassing Harvard’s prior 21-game record, still not be close to an inkling, clue or notion of threat to the Golden Gophers’ record.  And we don’t even know what that record is yet!

Player of the Year Amanda Kessel (Phil Kessel’s Sister) led the nation with 100+ points and her linemate Hannah Brandt was similarly productive. These Golden Gophers are the most dominant team in their sport, and with our obsession with streaking teams it should be impossible to ignore this live sports reality show.  And consider this: Amanda Kessel is a junior, Hannah Brandt is a freshman, and Minnesota has the Finnish national goaltender who recorded a 95% save sheet. The end does not appear to be in sight for a record that is at the pinnacle of college sports and perhaps even all sports.