Progress on Violence in Chicago?

Chicago Police Superintendent Gerry McCarthy cited progress made by law enforcement in helping to quell the violence that has gripped the city. 20 people were victims of gun violence over the weekend, including a man shot by police after he pointed a gun at them.  Do these statistics warrant Superintendent McCarthy’s claim of progress?  The city is experiencing a level of violence that makes it statistically comparable to particularly dangerous places on the planet.

On a year-to-date basis shootings stands at 1136 total incidents and 236 murders.  These numbers indicate a 5% increase in shootings over the last two years and a 9% increase over the last year. More shocking is the massive increase of murders – a 39% increase.

With Chicago violence getting national attention, should Mayor Rahm Emmanuel be turning to the President to request federal resources to turn the tide on safety and security in the President’s hometown?