Pride parade proves positive

The first official week of summer has come and gone, and the city of Chicago has managed to carry out its usual summer traditions.  Several have been deemed successful, as is the intention from years past, and this past Sunday’s  Gay Pride parade certainly was no exception.

The Gay Pride Parade  event took place just North of Lincoln Park, where members, supporters, and spectators of the LGBT community gather to express the life styles of those who are homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, etc.  Many marched the streets of the Windy City as a reach out to acceptance and equality.  The route of the parade begin at Belmont and Halsted, heading North on Halsted, then making a divert back on Broadway that eventually turned East towards Cannon Drive.  The event lasts nearly the entire afternoon, and is a spectacle for all to see.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel led the parade. Emanuel added more excitement to the parade as he shock hands and spoke to many people in the sea of the crowded streets.

For the 42nd time running, this year’s annual Pride Parade made an impressive outcome of 750,000 people.  Several dressed for the occasion, and those who didn’t had opportunities from multiple nearby vendors to purchase small trinkets of “glam” to help them join the crowd.  It became quite the gathering for all, and finding a good spot for the show required a very early attendance.

Of course, there were obstacles to overcome in order to properly run the parade.  This year, particularly, brought about a rise in attention to the homophobic community when 51 of the 70+ parade floats had their tires slashed the night before.  Organizers of the parade managed to pull together repairs in time to flaunt on the big day, yet no evidence or surveillance was documented to figure out who committed the slashing.  All that can be said is that it was suspected to be a hate crime.

Chicago police reported no serious incidents at the parade.

Nonetheless, the LGBT community still stands strong and has no intentions of stopping their pride anytime soon.  The Pride Parade was a huge success this year, and will be anticipated to surpass it come next summer.