Overseas Players Proving Their NHL Worth

The NHL season is in its early strike-shortened season, and while teams get off to game-packed schedules there is one thing that is absolutely certain early on – players who played competitive foreign hockey during their lockout are at a great advantage.  Locally the Chicago Blackhawks have started great.  Patrick Kane is asserting his will on the rest of the league. Kaner took his talents to Switzerland during the lockout, where he played with Tyler Seguin on the same team/line (EHC Biel); they must’ve given each other some tips because both are outperforming their peers so far.

The NHL was on hiatus for three and a half months.  While some teams’ rosters decided to split up and go their separate ways – in spite of the urge from other players to go overseas while things got sorted out – some GM’s are surely praising the ones who decided to hone their skills in a European style that emphasizes offense on a larger ice surface and less body contact. Kane, along with Michael Frolik and Rozival, have started off the season very well and without signs of rust.

Other teams who have seen success early are the Bruins, Sabres, Ducks and Senators. Some teams that have started sluggishly but are expected to be there in the end are the Flyers, Capitals, Kings and Red Wings.  CSN is crying with happiness that Hockey is back – the broadcasts have seen a massive spike in ratings since the season started and the “Hawks hot start should only cause that to continue. The return of D-Rose is getting close and once he returns the City won’t be worried about how the Bears started 7-1 but managed to miss the playoffs.