Over in a Snap

The Super Bowl ended on the first play from scrimmage when Peyton Manning watched the snap sail over his head, resulting in a safety and a 2-0 lead for Seattle at the 12-second mark. The next thing I knew it was 29-0 at the half. After that…well, who cares really other than to conclude the obvious and crown the champ.

After the initial safety Seattle just tirned on the afterburners and the final nail in the first half was when Malcolm Smith scored on an interception return to make it 22-0. All the while Manning was trying in vain to relive his Omaha audible moments that so confused the Patriots but just made the Seahawks even faster and more fearsome. Manning seemed terrified by the defensive onslaught.

Technically there was a second half. John Fox tried to go all Sean Payton , but instead watched Percy Harvin return the kick for a score. At that point it was 29-0 and I was channel flipping over the game and its expensive ads to watch Milk Money on WGN; even Melanie Griffith type-casted as a hooker lost in the burbs was better than the second half of the Super Bowl. Wow, Antonio, what were you thinking?

The game was atrocious but worse yet the Vegas odds makers had it so completely wrong. How could anyone see it that Manning – playing in his brother’s stadium – would get walloped by five touchdowns. It’s simply not realistic, except that it was too realistic. The oddsmakers had Denver as a two-and a half point favorite with an over-under of 47.5. The Seahawks not only covered the spread by 37.5, but nearly covered the total points by themselves, Ouch!

So what were some of the enjoyable things about Super Bowl Sunday? I’d have to start by saying I enjoyed the Tim Tebow commercials, and if you didn’t cry over the #BestBuds commercial you’d be evil. However what I’m most happy about is that the grip of Football on America as a society has ended. No longer can we talk about Football everyday and over-analyze every little thing about it. Seattle won, they were clearly the best team this year and deserved home field advantage, which is why they beat San Francisco. They traveled well and brought a punishing defense to the Meadowlands.

Now everyone can look at some other sports that are ramping up, which should surely bring some excitement to television sets all over the country. For example the Sochi Olympics are starting this weekend and the best athletes in the world will compete for national pride. The greatest ice hockey tournament will commence on a surface that is foreign to us North Americans because it’s a larger rink. Downhill Skiing, Short-Track Speed Skating, and the biathlon and other sports will be new to us but equally exciting.

Not to mention in two weeks the European Football Playoffs start, and those will be quite entertaining for those who enjoy the sport (I’m very much looking forward to this). Also in a few months March Madness gets underway, then baseball, and the hockey playoffs will surely be entertaining especially here in Chicago where the reigning champs reside, while the basketball playoffs have far less to compel our interest.

With so much to look forward to, there’s no real reason to be upset that football ended 12 seconds into the first quarter of the biggest game of the year.