Olympics’ Closing Ceremony: London’s Cultural Revolutions Take Center State

For the 2008 Summer Olympics China went over the top to show the world that it was second to none.  Great Wall-sized piles of Yuan were spent and the entire population was encouraged to volunteer to ensure the success of the coming-out party.  China set the bar so high that the International Olympic Committee was left to fear for London’s 2012 best-of-class prospects.  Last night London proved that while all Olympic hosts cities are equal, it – London – is more equal. The Closing Ceremonies were a reminder of the cultural revolutions that have found their genesis in London. London’s contributions to art, architecture, literature, humor, fashion. politics, royalty and music took center stage as the world was treated to a raucous good time and a jolly good show.  It was a fantastic, toe-tapping, celebratory declaration of our collective pursuit of happiness.