Obama- Candidate or President?

With Obama officially kicking off his campaign Thursday evening, how does his poll numbers factor into his campaign and Presidency?  According to Rasmussen, 23% percent of voters strongly approve of Obama, while 38% strongly disapprove of Obama.

Many people are wondering, are we going to see ‘President Obama,’ or ‘Candidate Obama’ until the 2012 election.  With the economy so low, a soaring deficit, three ‘military conflicts,’ soaring gas prices, ~9.2 unemployment,  and a congress that can’t agree on anything, what we need right now is not someone worrying about the campaign trail, say many Republicans

Many Republicans are crying ‘foul’ over Obama’s ‘budget’ speech on Tuesday.  Rather then actually talking about the budget, the President spent more then half the time blasting the Republicans proposal to cut spending.  Republicans say this is the first of many ‘Candidate Obama’ speeches we will be seeing in the near future.




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