O my Omer! Bulls stop Howard’s Magic

Orlando- “That one’s pretty easy to explain … I’m not saying that we didn’t do some other things poorly, too, but the two teams were fairly evenly matched other than they just absolutely dominated us on the glass.”  Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said after a big loss to the Bulls Friday night.

It started off pretty even for both teams, making their shots and moving the ball around well.  The first quarter was split 21-21 but the Bulls did some changes for their second quarter.  The Bulls started playing defense and challenging Orlando with shots and getting rebounds.  Chicago held Orlando to only 14 points and doubling that for themselves. At the end of the second Dwight Howard got a little physical after grabbing a rebound, getting fouled by Kyle Korver, Howard swung his elbows pretty close to Korver and got called for his 16th technical which will make him sit out one game .

Orlando made some of their own adjustments at half time coming back in the third holding the Bulls to 16 points and putting up 22 of their own, cutting the lead to eight points.

The Bulls last game they had a twenty point lead and ended up losing to Atlanta in a big come from behind loss.  They were not going to do that again Friday night.  Chicago held onto their eight point lead through the fourth to end the game at 89-81.  “We watched the (Magic) game last night and did our homework. They came back by the three, and in that Miami game Dwight did a great job of passing out to the shooters and they were hitting them.”  Bulls forward Carlos Boozer.

Chicago’s Omker Asik had a a game-high 13 rebounds and a huge block in the fourth quarter while playing a career-high 31 minutes.  Rose put up 24 points and Kyle Korver made all three of his 3 pointers which help out big time in the fourth quarter.  The Bulls have another challenge a head of them playing the Heat in Miami Sunday at noon.  They recently beat Miami and hope to continue beating the NBA’s top teams.