#NotBuyingIt Leads Fight Against Offensive T-Shirts

After a successful #NotBuyingIt campaign on facebook and twitter, MissRepresentation.org has partnered with body image experts at Emer.ge to create a new app to digitally fight companies that use sexism to sell products. The goals of the smart phone app are 1) to call out sexist media and promote positivity, 2) to organize like-minded activists, 3) to get the attention of companies, and 4) to spread media literacy. The organizations are currently raising money via an Indiegogo Campaign to fund their tech project.

The latest company under fire is Amazon.com for selling t-shirts with the acronym W.I.F.E – Washing, Ironing, F**king, Etc. on it. Campaigners began calling for the shirt be removed from the site less than two weeks after another pair of shirts were forced to be removed from Amazon’s UK site. The shirts, made by the t-shirt company Solid Gold Bomb, sported the expressions Keep Calm and Rape a Lot and Keep Calm and Hit Her, which appeared to promote violence against women. Outrage was such that the company received death threats through its twitter account, which has since been deleted.  After a year being promoted on its site, many complaints and purchase orders being filled, the t-shirts have been removed from Solid Gold Bomb’s site as the company cited “computer error” for the promotion and sales of the offending shirts.  Michael Fowler, the company’s founder and creator of the computer program that generated the slogans, provided a public apology that included, in part, his explanation that “(a)s the party responsible for scripting and creating the automated process that created the matched slogans for this ‘Keep Calm’ series, I apologize for the offensive response this has created across the world.”

Or, as a t-shirt saying might exculpate: I don’t mean to offend, but my t-shirt does.

Read the entire apology here.