Northwestern University to Play at Wrigley!

Northwestern University will play some football games at Wrigley Field along with soccer and softball games.  Previously, Wrigley Field hosted Illinois vs. Northwestern in a game criticized because of the end zones were too close to the brick-wall outfield.  That problem has apparently been overcome as the parties have agreed on an arrangement that will allow WR’s to have breathing room.

Expanding the array of sports being played at Wrigley Field comes on the heels of the departure of Wally Hayward, the VP Marketing Director, to focus on other ventures for the Rickett’s.  Hayward was responsible for a lot of events, including the previous Northwestern game.

The expansion of college soccer and softball allows two important Title IX sports to get their due attention at Wrigley Field. In addition, Wrigley Field is expected to get a $300 million facelift – currently pending city approval – that should start in this fall.  The Cubs’ organization is starting to look a lot like one Epstein came from which could be a good sign for things to come in terms of public attractions at the ball park.