The Winter Olympics have released us from their grip and we can resume our normal, real-time evenings without fear for spoilers.

For the past two weeks NBC busted out its wall-to-wall coverage of all things Sochi and with it put the rest of the networks into sleep mode. The NHL was on hiatus so their players could fly to Russia and compete for medals, while every other network treated the two weeks as a vacation for its writers and producers. I’m not saying this is a bad thing; everyone needs a break; but as another polar vortex threatens Chicago, I’m looking forward new programming because I’m 48-Hours and Shark-Tanked out. Hockey-wise, let’s get on to the stretch run of the Blackhawks and my Bruins.

Two-plus weeks of stale, rerun programming has taken its toll. Sure HBO continued to keep me addicted to their shows, but no one else did; nothing new was aired and without novelty I spent way too much time on-the-line reading about spring training and navigating the endless library of Netflix, where I became a fan of “House of Cards” that is definitely worth a look.

Now that everyone can enjoy their evenings, I think mother nature should embrace us and bless us with some above-average temps so as to reward us for the pain inflicted by the two-week layoff. I look at my iPhone and I cringe at my prospects for a below-zero week. How can this be? I was so happy when it hit 45 degrees last week and I took the trash out at work wearing a T-shirt. Why can’t she just end this winter a little early after the hell she’s already put us through. I’m not meteorologist, and I really don’t mind the cold, but it’s the thought that counts. She should do us this favor in the same way that NBC has done us a favor by allowing us to safely navigate our TV Guide.