NHL Lockout Seems Imminent

If the players and owners can’t come to some sort of agreement within the next couple of days, Gary Bettman will see his second work stoppage in about 8 years. The 2004-2005 season was lost after an agreement couldn’t be reached, and although the sides seem to be a little closer than they did back then, the threat of no hockey this year is very much a possibility. Economics is the key here, and the revenue is at about $1.87 Billion a season. The players currently own a 57% share as of the last agreement and the owners want their kick back in their favor. They have proposed a 10% roll back of revenue to take care of costs of operating a franchise, but the players want to trim that number down. The owners latest proposal was up to 49%, and that would seem to be reasonable, especially when star players are making close to $100 Million with UFA coming at 25. The worst thing in the world for Bettman would be to incur another lockout, expect these negotiations to go down the final minutes with Bettman and Donald Fehr arguing over small percents that equal hundreds of millions.