NFL Makes The Cut

Today is one of the most important days for NFL teams as they trim their rosters down to 53 by the 9:00 p.m. deadline.  Team rosters currently stand at 75 players, which means that league-wide 736 players will be cut and lose their jobs.  Teams assess their strengths and weaknesses in order to assess needed depth, and paring a team down to the final roster makes for some of a coach’s toughest decisions.

Preseason games are over so coaches have seen what they need to see and know who will be staying and who will be going. While most of the big money contracts and last year’s starters are expected to return, the first- and second-year players will most likely be on the chopping block.  A team that finds a diamond from among players that were undrafted or went late in the draft will be rewarded with not only a quality young player but also a lot of needed relief to the overall salary cap, which will open up opportunities in the future.